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FAI's major campaigns

Unmissable appointments to strengthen the bond between people and their cultural heritage

FAI's major campaigns
    We protect the beauty of our country and invite Italians, but not only, to discover, experience and love it.

    That is why we organise major national campaigns in which FAI takes to the streets and helps the public discover the immense cultural heritage of our country, which is sometimes unknown, inaccessible and forgotten.

    On these occasions, places and people come together again thanks to our volunteers, who open up to the public period villas, historic buildings, little-known museums, but also power stations, train stations and historical archives; they accompany visitors to discover hidden villages, private homes and solitary towers, and organise special events, conferences and thematic visits. FAI also gives people a voice with a census dedicated to our heritage: thanks to I Luoghi del Cuore (Italian Places I Love), anyone can vote for the places that they love, that preserve memories and emotions so that they can be protected, enhanced and made known.

    FAI Spring Days
    What's hiding behind that doorway? Every year, FAI volunteers are involved in helping visitors discover a hidden and beautiful Italy, opening the doors of more than 1,000 extraordinary places usually closed to the public, on the first weekend of Spring. A great street party for everyone because there is no better way to celebrate the arrival of Spring than to bring the forgotten places of our landscape back to life.
    I Luoghi del Cuore (Places I Love)
    Every two years since 2003, FAI, together with its partner Intesa Sanpaolo, has been giving a voice to all Italians by inviting them to take part in the "I Luoghi del Cuore" (Places I Love) census. We invite everyone to vote to turn the spotlight on the places that we love, that tell your story and that we want to see protected forever. Together, we urge local and national institutions to recognize their value and thus take care of them and intervene directly in favour of the places most voted for.
    FAI Summer Evenings
    Summer evenings are the most beautiful of the year. This is why we organise special appointments and visits at sunset to the properties under our care to experience them in a new light.
    Let's remember to save Italy
    October is a special month for FAI: 31 days in which our Trust is mobilised to talk about the importance of its mission and... to invite more and more Italians to join in!
    FAI Autumn Days
    Autumn is the perfect season to rediscover the beauty of our cities and treat yourself to a weekend as a "tourist at home". We invite you to rediscover the beauty of Italy and to protect it together with FAI.
    FAI Days for Schools
    The floor to the students! During the FAI Days for Schools, school children and young people are transformed into passionate storytellers of the history and stories preserved in the many special places of our artistic and cultural heritage.
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