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The Old Giacalone Barber’s Shop

An art deco barber’s shop nestling in the alleyways of the oldest part of Genoa

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The Giacalone barber’s shop, with its glittering windows, mirrors, stained glass and refined art deco detailing, offers up new surprises every day, as well as a perfect shave in an atmosphere that feels frozen in time.

Acquired by FAI from the descendants of the Giacalone family thanks to a public appeal in 1992


Situated in Vico dei Caprettari, a typical “caruggio” (alleyway) in central Genoa, this little barber’s shop is one of the city’s oldest businesses – a true jewel just waiting to be discovered.

With a surface area of just 10m2, the shop was opened by barber Emanuele Giacalone back in 1882. A few decades later, in 1922, his son Italo had the interior renovated in line with the art deco style of the time. The shop remained in Italo’s hands from 1922 to 1992, when – following his passing – it was acquired by FAI thanks to a public appeal launched by the Genoa Delegation. After having restored it and re-opened it to the public, the Trust put the running of the shop into the hands of a renowned Genoese barber of the old school, who continues to ply his trade from the premises.

Visitor information
Opening hours

Opening hours: from Tuesday to Saturday 9.30 am – 1 pm; 2 pm - 6.30 pm

The shop can be visited during the opening hours stated above.

For more information: tel. (+39) 010 2091043.

The barber’s services can be booked by calling (+39) 3403477055

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