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The “Maurizio Gervasoni” Mill

A late 17th-century mill in the unique landscape of the Val Brembana valley

The “Maurizio Gervasoni” Mill eng


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In the Bergamo pre-Alps, there is a mill dating from 1672, which has also been a bakery, a dairy and a blacksmith’s shop. Voted as one of the “Italian Places I Love” by the local community in 2003, it was acquired by FAI thanks to a donation.

Acquired by FAI from the Gervasoni family, thanks to a donation by Intesa Sanpaolo in 2005


Situated in the small mountain village of Bàresi, in the Val Brembana, the rural stone building dates from the 17th century and retains to this day a press for the crushing of walnuts, a flour mill (dated 1672) and evidence of an ancient bread oven. For centuries, the mill provided sustenance – in the form of flour, bread and oil for food and illumination – to dozens of communities in the valley.

Above the entrance, a fresco depicts the Madonna with Child, whereas a walnut tree is shown to the right. A site of ancient crafts and traditions, due to its historical, ethnographical and anthropological importance (the entire area contained traces of habitational settlements dating from the Bronze Age), the mill is subject to constraints issued by the Italian Ministry of Culture. In 2003, it received the second-highest number of votes in the FAI national survey called “Italian Places I Love”. Thanks to a donation by Intesa Sanpaolo, in 2005 the Trust was able to purchase the mill from the Gervasoni family. The FAI project envisaged the salvaging and restoration of the building and its associated mechanisms, so that the precious historical memories it contains could be saved. The management of the mill was then entrusted to the local community.

Visitor information
Opening hours

The “Maurizio Gervasoni” Mill is open to the public with the following opening hours:

·     April, May, June, September and October: 2.30pm - 6pm, every Saturday

·     July and August: 10am - 6pm on Saturdays; 2.30pm - 6pm on Sundays

Special opening from 7 to 18 August: 4pm - 6pm, Monday to Friday.

Last entry: 30 minutes before closure.

How to get there

By car

From the A4 Milan-Venice Motorway (“Autostrada A4 Milano-Venezia”, take the Dalmine exit, follow the signs for the Valle Brembana until you reach Piazza Brembana. Then head for Foppolo until you reach the fork for Bordogna - Roncobello. Then follow the signs.

From Bàresi, it takes 5 minutes to walk along the mule track that leads to the mill. From Foppacava, a 400-metre road suitable for vehicles allows you to arrive at a point 100 metres from the mill. There is no parking available. Vehicles must park either in the Foppacava district or in Bàresi.


Adults: €2.00

Children aged 4-14: €1.00

FAI members: free entry

National Trust members, members of the Associazione Maurizio Gervasoni Onlus charitable organisation: free entry

Guided Tours

Guided tours are available for school groups. For information, write to

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