Robert Wilson for Villa Panza. Tales

An exhibition of great intensity and involvement conceived for Villa Panza by one of the greatest masters of contemporary visual art and performance.

An unprecedented itinerary through the villa, where Robert Wilson has staged his Video Portraits so that each one establishes a special dialogue with the rooms, the furnishings and the collection.
Thirty-five works installed as evocative presences capable of combining high-definition video technology with the poetry of art.

An itinerary of subtle affinities between Wilson's simultaneously visionary and minimalist art and the ethical and aesthetic vision of Giuseppe Panza, which reaches its peak in the absorbing permanent installation devised in honour of the great Milanese collector: A House for Giuseppe Panza.

For the first time in Italy: the powerful, mesmerizing set of Lady Gaga Portraits.

An exhibition to be experienced in the silence required for contemplation and complete immersion in works subtly balanced between time, space, sound, image and poetry.

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