Castello e Parco di Masino, Caravino (Torino)

Castello e Parco di Masino

A thousand-year-old royal palace that overlooks the Canavese area

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Immersed within extensive grounds, this is the sumptuous residence of one of the most illustrious Piedmontese families, descended from Arduin of Ivrea, the first King of Italy; a thousand years of history encapsulated on a journey through beautifully furnished and frescoed rooms.

Acquired in 1988 by FAI from Luigi Valperga di Masino thanks to a donation from FIAT, the Cassa di Risparmio di Torino and Maglificio Calzificio Torinese


For more than a thousand years, Masino Castle has overlooked the immense Canavese plain from high ground in front of the evocative morainic barrier of the Serra di Ivrea – an intact and seemingly endless landscape. The strategic location of the castle resulted in it being frequently attacked, but the noble Valperga dynasty – whom, legend has it, are descended from Arduin of Ivrea, the first King of Italy–retained ownership of it right from the very beginning, documented as far back as 1070. Over the centuries, the illustrious family converted the castle into an aristocratic residence, and then into an elegant holiday home. This glorious past is recounted by the halls themselves, which are adorned with frescoes and ostentatious furnishings, and by the bedrooms used by visiting ambassadors, the private apartments, the lounges and the panoramic terraces. It all adds up to a refined embodiment of 17th- and 18th-century culture, which was also expressed in the rooms dedicated to the celebration of knowledge, such as the priceless library, which plays host to more than 25,000 antique volumes.

Outside the castle, there are monumental, romantic grounds, featuring one of the largest mazes in Italy, a majestic tree-lined boulevard, large clearings and picturesque corners that, in spring, are inundated by beautiful blossom. A trip to Masino is an ever-changing experience: from visits to the castle, taking different routes round it each time, to a day in the open air to savour the beauty of the grounds, or participation in any of the numerous events organised throughout the course of the year, perhaps including a coffee at the panoramic cafeteria. Masino is perfect for kids, who will have great fun playing with their families and friends with all the activities we designed for them.

Visitor information
Opening time

The Masino Castle and Park is open to the public at the following times:

NOVEMBER and DECEMBER From Thursday to Sunday From 10.00 to 17.00

Last admission one hour before closing In the winter period extraordinary openings possible only for groups or for exclusive visits.

How to get here

By car

  • From Milan - A4 Milan-Turin Motorway (“Autostrada A4 Milano-Torino”), slip road for Santhià-Ivrea-Aosta A5, first exit ALBIANO, then follow the signs for “Castello di Masino – Caravino” (the castle is located just 5 minutes’ drive from the Albiano motorway toll gate). Journey time from the outskirts of Milan: 60 min.
  • From Turin - A5 Motorway (“Autostrada A5 Torino-Aosta”), take the SCARMAGNO exit, follow the signs for Strambino, then Castello Masino (around 15 mins from the toll gate). Alternatively, continue on the motorway heading towards IVREA and having reached the slip road for Milan, take the ALBIANO exit. Journey time from Turin city centre and Caselle airport: 45 min.
  • From the A4 Turin-Milan Motorway (“Autostrada A4 Torino-Milano”), take the BORGO D'ALE exit, then follow the signs for Borgo d'Ale, then Cossano Canavese, then Castello di Masino (around 20 min from the toll gate). Journey time from the outskirts of Turin: 40 min.
  • From Biella and Lake Viverone on the SS228/SP56 roads: follow the signs for Ivrea, then Azeglio, then Caravino, then Castello Masino. Journey time: around 30 min.

Free, unsupervised visitor parking is available within the grounds, with access for cars via the main entranceway to the grounds and pedestrian access to the village (except during special events and programmes).

The parking facilities are closed on weekdays in March, November and December; it is possible to use a smaller car park, reserved for private and evening events, adjacent to the main entranceway to the castle.


Castle and Park ticket:

FAI members: free admission
Full price: € 14
Reduced (6-18 years): € 7
Children up to 5 years: free admission
Students up to 25 years and Carta museums: € 9
National Trust members *, Bienfaiteurs Amis du Louvre members, disabled persons and accompanying person: free entry.
Family: € 35 (2 adults and 2 or more kids from 6 to 18 years old). In addition to entering the majestic Park and the “FairPlayFamily route” (a special map for children), it allows entry to the Castle with reduced rates for family of 2 adults and 2 or more children 6 - 18 years).

Only Park ticket:

FAI members: free admission
Full price: € 10
Reduced (6-18 years): free admission
Children up to 5 years: free admission
Students up to 25 years and Carta museums: € 7
National Trust members *, Bienfaiteurs Amis du Louvre members, disabled persons and accompanying person: free entry.

Guided visit:

FAI members: € 6
Full price: € 20
Reduced (6-18 anni): € 10
Students up to 25 years and Carta museums: € 15
Family: € 50

In case of events, the price may change.For reservations and group quotes, click here

Discover the Castello di Masino with exclusive visits to the hidden and secret places: the servants' passages, the cellars where the wine was produced, the private apartments of the Valperga family and much more. For more information write to

Guided Tours

Guided tours are available for schools and other groups, as are educational workshops and special visits. Prior booking required.

For information and bookings: tel. (+39) 0125 778100,

Visit the FAI School site.


Disabled visitors can access free-of-charge those FAI properties that are open to the public by showing their ANMIC (Associazione Nazionale Mutilati e Invalidi Civili) card.

The property is accessible by those with learning difficulties. To find out more, please visit

Please note that due to the historic nature of the site and the various levels within the castle (including numerous staircases, steep slopes and external cobblestones), access for those with reduced mobility is challenging.

To request assistance and to make use of the most appropriate visitor route based on your requirements – and also to organise car access with specific opening of the pedestrian gates and access right up to the main entrance to the castle – please call (+39) 0125 778100.

During major events in the grounds, it is not advisable to visit the castle due to safety concerns and problems accessing the main entranceway by car (difficulty of opening gates and driving across the pedestrian area).

Events in the grounds are always accessible (the limited number of parking spaces within the grounds are on the flat, and the ticket desk, bar and toilets are specially sited in the grounds for the events).


Purchases from the bookshop make a tangible contribution to supporting the work of FAI.


Caffè Masino is open according to calendar opening days and timetable.


Free wi-fi is available at Masino Castle.

Useful information

Dogs permitted only in the grounds. They must always be kept on the leash.

Comfortable shoes are recommended.

Venue hire and events

Choose the Castle for your events

Masino Castle and Grounds – a unique place for an unforgettable experience near Turin

A special celebration, a film, a dinner, a concert, a show, an exhibition...there are numerous events that can be successfully staged at Masino Castle – a sophisticated venue for private events, a stunning historic backdrop for film shoots and a prestigious setting for company meetings and receptions.

A unique location for an unforgettable moment

Masino Castle offers a wide array of spaces, allowing it to serve as a venue for private events of all types: conferences, business meetings, ceremonies, receptions, banquets and shows. You can choose between the rich, elegant furnishings of the castles large rooms and the more austere – although still light-filled and very generously proportioned – spaces of the nearby Palazzo delle Carrozze.

The extensive green terraces afford breathtaking panoramic views and the immense grounds serve as evocative natural surroundings for the shows and concerts held in the central clearing. Alongside the richly decorated interiors, the ancient route of the strada dei 22 giri (“road of 22 bends”) and the intricate maze of hedges are perfect sets for use in adverts and films. Indeed, it was in the rooms of the castle and in the grounds that director Stefano Alleva shot La figlia di Elisa, ritorno a Rivombrosa, the third series of the hit TV programme that tells the story of the passionate but forbidden love between Agnese and Andrea, at the time when Piedmont was occupied by the French, led by Napoleon.

Moreover, the castle offers an unforgettable setting for weddings, with a delightful church in the proximity, which is available for use in religious ceremonies.

What can you do at Masino Castle?

Private events
Wedding receptions, exclusive lunches and dinners, catwalk events and concerts, book presentations and product launches

Corporate away days
“Out of hours” guided tours led by experts just for you, meetings, conferences, team-building activities and corporate volunteering projects.

Visits and workshops associated with the local area
Food and drink: tastings of local wines and products
Culture: guided tours
Nature: natural history-themed visits to explore the morainic sierra of the Serra di Ivrea
Sports: cycling, mountain biking, trekking, balloon flights

Volunteering and team-building events
Maintenance of the castle: conservation of the furnishings, paintings and perimeter walls.
Maintenance of the grounds, the maze and the strada dei 22 giri

Reserved parking for guests near the castle
Church opposite the castle.

On request:
Setting-up services
Hostess services
Technical services
Musical entertainment

For information

Renata Frola

Tel. (+39) 0125778100

Choose the best space for your event

Lunches/Dinners: 120 people
Buffets/Conferences: 140 people
Dimensions: 120 m2


Lunches/Dinners: 80 people
Buffets/Conferences: 100 people
Dimensions: 108 m2


Conferences: 100 people
Dimensions: 140 m2


Lunches/Dinners: 150 people
Buffets/Conferences: 180 people
Dimensions: 200 m2


Lunches/Dinners: 300 people
Buffets: 500 people
Dimensions: 1,600 m2


Shows: 8,000 people
Dimensions: 15,000 m2


Civil ceremonies: 150 people
Aperitifs: 150 people
Dimensions: 1,500 m2


Lunches/Dinners/Buffets/Conferences: 40 people
Dimensions: 56 m2

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