Castello della Manta

Castello della Manta

Stories and miracles of the Fountain of Youth in the Marquisate of Saluzzo

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Standing out against the backdrop of Monviso is a stunning, imposing medieval fortress in which the baronial hall plays host to one of the most breathtaking examples of secular late-Gothic painting, inspired by tales of chivalry.

Donated to FAI by Elisabetta De Rege Provana in 1985


The wonderful crown of the Cottian Alps, dominated by the sharp outline of the Monviso massif, provides the frame for the imposing bulk of this castle, which is located around 40 kilometres from Turin.

Built in the 13th century as a military outpost, the fortress underwent a major overhaul in the 15th century thanks to Valerano, the enlightened ruler of the Marquisate of Saluzzo, who transformed it into a lavish family home at the time of the establishment of the fiefdom of La Manta. It was Valerano who wanted to enrich the Baronial Hall with the beautiful frescoes that today stand as unique testaments to the knightly culture of the time. On the southern wall, the myth of eternal youth, inspired by the chivalrous tale of the “Roman de Fauvel”, is depicted by the fountain of youth, surmounted by the god of Love.

On the opposite side of the room, the nine worthies and the nine worthy women of classical antiquity watch over us. In their 15th-century garb, they embody the chivalrous ideals of the military and moral virtues. In the mid-16th century, the 15th-century complex was once again renovated, and it is from this time that the Hall of Grotesques dates. This space features a wonderful ceiling decorated with paintings and stuccos that bear a clear Mannerist imprint, taking their cue from those in Raphael’s loggias at the Vatican.

Very much worth visiting are the service spaces, including the cellars and the large kitchen with its vaulted ceiling and immense fireplace; the castle church, commissioned by Valerano and embellished with significant frescoes on the Passion of Christ; and, last but not least, the large, shaded grounds, which afford an enchanting view over the delightful hillsides of the Varaita Valley.

Manta Castle is part of the project entitled “The Dukes of the Alps”, an itinerary that concentrates on the history of the House of Savoy.

Visitor information
Opening hours

The Castello della Manta is open to the public at the following times:

  • From February to May and from September to October: from Wednesday to Sunday 10 AM - 6PM
  • From June to August: from Wednesday to Sunday 11AM - 7PM
  • From November to December: from Wednesday to Sunday 10AM - 5PM
How to get here

By car

On the A6 Turin-Savona Motorway (“Autostrada A6 Torino-Savona”), take the Marene exit, continue towards Savigliano and Saluzzo, then follow the signs for Manta.

  • FAI members: free entry*
  • Adults: €11
  • Reduced (aged 6-18): €4
  • Children aged 0-5: free entry
  • Students aged 25 or under: €4
  • National Trust members*, residents of the Manta Local Council area, those with disabilities + 1 companion: free entry
  • Family: €26. Allows entry at reduced rates for family groups composed of 2 adults and 2 children (6-18 years of age). Free entry for any additional children in the family group.

Audio guide is available for €4,50 (for each person)

FAIr Play Family

Run until you lose your breath, discover secret passageways, find the perfect place for a somersault, listen to the sounds of nature: there are a total of 60 activities on offer through the “FAIr Play Family” project, which invites children aged 5-12 to discover the interior and exterior of the property in an original, creative way, stimulating their imagination and curiosity. It is a playful, unconstrained approach that is also respectful to both art and nature, with a view to ensuring that the visitor experience is educational for the younger generation, who after all will be the future “custodians of Italy’s beauty”.

*with the exception of specific events, when only the additional event charge will apply.

During events the price may be subject to change

Guided Tours

Guided tours are available for groups and schools. Prior booking required.


For information and bookings on guided tours and special itineraries for groups of adults, click here.


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Useful advice

Comfortable shoes are recommended.
Dogs are allowed in the park if kept on a leash, while inside the Castle is allowed only to small dogs to be held.


Disabled visitors can access free-of-charge those FAI properties that are open to the public by showing their ANMIC (Associazione Nazionale Mutilati e Invalidi Civili) card.

People with disabilities are authorised to enter the castle grounds by car. Inside the castle, the visitor routes include numerous staircases that are not equipped with access ramps.

People with disabilities are allowed to reach the park of the Castle by car by phone in advance to the number 0175/87822


Venue hire and events

Choose Castello della Manta as a venue for your events!

Castello della Manta, history brought to life in Piedmont

The castle is an evocative venue set against the stunning backdrop of the Cottian Alps, overlooked by the Monviso massif. Its rooms exude a unique atmosphere, embellished as they are by breathtaking late-Gothic frescoes. The generously proportioned spaces, the intimate castle church, the cellars, the old-but-recently-restored kitchen and the elegant frescoed rooms constitute the perfect venue for a variety of private and M.I.C.E. events.

In addition, by choosing a FAI property for your event, you are contributing to the conservation and safeguarding of Italy’s heritage.

What can you do at Manta Castle?

Private events
Receptions and wedding ceremonies (including religious ceremonies, in the church opposite the castle), gala lunches and dinners, private parties

Corporate away days
Presentations of books and new product launches, meetings, catwalk events, concerts, team-building activities

Photo/video shoots
Photo sets and film sets

Volunteering projects
Maintenance of the garden, clearing of the woodland, caring for the hydrangeas and trees; maintenance within the castle; art courses, housekeeping, “good manners and taste”

Special visits
Food and wine: tastings of local wines and food products
Culture: guided tours taking in art, fashion, legends and unusual facts
Craft: workshops showcasing local artisanal excellence

For information
Silvia Cavallero
Tel. (+39) 0175 289766

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